About Melanie Thomas

A native Angeleno, Melanie Thomas studied Creative Writing at the University of Southern California, as well as in Florence, Italy.  After a business management position left her “beyond bored” (as she succinctly put it), Melanie decided it was time to transition into a faster-paced career: talent agenting.

After an auspicious interview with Abrams Artists Agency’s owner, Harry Abrams, Melanie’s career as a talent agent began in October 2007, where she greeted clients as a receptionist.

Since becoming an agent in a brisk two years, Melanie has steadily built a successful promo/trailer department in a division previously known more for its commercial and animation.  Despite her youthful appearance, Thomas’ managerial skills have changed the career of many a voice over artist for the better.

When we have been looking to use Voice Over Talent, Melanie has always been a delight to work with. She represents her clients well – and faithfully. She takes note of the kind of voice we require and provides an excellent range of professionals for us to choose from. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a source for voice over talent.

Paul Flattery Producer/Writer

Melanie is so on top of things. She takes the hectic world of entertainment and keeps it moving smoothly along, with grace and humor. It is fun to work with her and fun to hang out with her. She has a wonderful business sense and can take things in stride!

Tara Platt – Actress, Producer, Author

Melanie Thomas is a committed, intelligent and very resourceful professional. Her easy nature and natural wit make for excellent communication skills and her commitment to consistent and diligent efforts to keep her clients working is unparalleled. I have had to pleasure of working with Melanie’s for several years now and her efforts and focus has resulted in multiple Voice Over bookings. She continues to be a trident and reliable working associate and an entertainment ally I feel extremely lucky to have.

Andrew Bowen – Actor, Writer, Producer, Director. Owner and President of I.C.D. Entertainment, INC.

I’ve seen Melanie work her way up the ladder from receptionist to becoming one of my very talented voice-over agents. And she’s not done climbing! Her enthusiasm, attention to detail, personality and integrity have been an asset to me and my career.

Ben Shields – Actor

Melanie is a fantastic agent who goes out and looks for new opportunities for her client/actors. She hunts down promo work and the people who are producing it to give us chances to be heard that we would not have otherwise. She does a great job so that we can too!

Lora Cain – TRadioV.com TV talk show host Sat. 10am “Y’all Are Rude!” Author/Comedian “Miss Lora” YouTube & Amazon ISDN Voice actor

Melanie is one the best promo agents I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with over the years. Not only does she posses the experience, contacts and detailed knowledge of the on-air promotions business, she’s also a friendly, trustworthy and quality person!

Jeff Bordner – National Voiceover Productions LLC

Melanie is a fantastic agent. She is a consummate professional and is incredible to work with. I absolutely love working with her.

I cannot say enough about her.

Alyson Steel – Owner, Voice Overs and Actor and Performing Arts Consultant

When Melanie isn’t doing her dream job — “And, yes, this is my dream job”, she says — she is making vegan spaghetti, writing screenplays, and lip syncing to the classics whenever possible.

Melanie lives in Beverly Hills, CA.