Abrams Artists Agency Rebrands As A3 Artists Agency

Talent and literary hub Abrams Artists Agency has officially rebranded as A3 Artists Agency.

The announcement was made over the weekend at the company’s annual retreat. The name change comes 18 months after Robert Attermann, Brian Cho and Adam Bold acquired the agency, and reflects a new identity that transformed the over 40-year-old traditional talent agency into a specialty artists agency.

“When we purchased the agency in 2018, we set out to be the premium brand we now are,” said A3 Artists Agency chairman Bold. “We said we’d have diversity, and we do. We’re not only promising to be something different; we are something different. We’ve hired top-tier agents from diverse backgrounds, we were the first agency to launch a digital studio, and we recently expanded internationally with an office in the UK. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in the digital and influencer space, e-sports, and podcasting, and have become known as the go-to agency for diverse, emerging talent. We’ve adopted a more multi-tiered, 360-degree approach to what we do, and our new brand identity speaks to that commitment.”

Since the new company ownership, A3 Artists Agency has moved its New York office into a space in the newly renovated Empire State Building, putting it on par with the Los Angeles office located in the Pacific Design Center. The agency additionally expanded its digital division onto a global stage with the opening of an office in London earlier this year.

A3 is a signatory to the Writers Guild Code of Conduct. It was the third mid-tier agency to break ranks with the Association of Talent Agents and sign the code after the guild ordered all of its members to fire their agents who refused to sign it. The code bans packaging fees after one year and prohibits agency affiliations with related production entities.