About Our Department

The Trailer/Promo Narration and Live Announce department – a division of the Abrams VO department in Los Angeles – was initiated in 2010, and is headed by James Murray.

We like to think of this department like a good Quentin Tarantino movie: we blend the old with the new by representing well-established artists as well as the best up-and-comers.

When it comes to Trailers and Promos, Abrams offers up a new approach: all of the artists we represent in this area work in ALL areas of voice. Given the current landscape – with Trailers and Promos going more commercial all the time anyway – we believe this approach offers a competitive advantage.

Doing Some Rebranding? A3 is Your Go-To Agency

As you may know, A3 has strong street cred as a rebranding agency – and to that end we offer a breadth of new and talented artists who really know what exactly they’re doing, starting with the very first time you hire them.

We have a great track record when it comes to rebranding networks that are looking for new voices. Our formula for success is a simple one: our VO artists haven’t been overexposed (despite the fact that they’re highly-talented professionals) – so you haven’t already heard them everywhere.

Our VO Artists Get It

Whatever ‘it’ is, our VO artists get it: They get budgets. They get time constraints. They get whatever it takes to get the job done, right, the first time. The good news for you is that our VO artists work hard – and our agents work hard – because we want to see you succeed!

Let’s face it, it’s tough out there – and today it’s more mission-critical than ever to get your message heard. But A3 knows what it takes to break through, and our artists know how to deliver.

The Non-Announcery Announcer – and More…

Some of our Promo and Trailer voices specialize in just that – but the majority of them span the spectrum when it comes to delivery quality, professional VO artists.

In fact, when you listen to the artists on our site, keep in mind that you may well be listening to a voice from your favorite video game. Or your favorite animated series. Or your favorite reality TV show.

Whatever the case, every single VO artist on our roster has great imagination, and can deliver a performance above and beyond the regular old boring announcer. (And hey, if you do want a ‘regular announcer,’ we still have the best.)

Check Out What A3 Has to Offer

When it comes to VO, A3 offers diverse artists, and can deliver anything from conversational, cool announcers to zany characters to more traditional announcers. And although we offer a lot of diversity, we also keep a tight list of only the most top-notch performers.

All in all, A3 offers a breadth – and depth – of the most talented, well-rounded, multi-faceted voice artists in the industry. You owe it to yourself to check it out (if you haven’t already).